The Key to Succeeding with a New Blog

The Key to Succeeding with a New Blog

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When you first start out on your blogging journey, it’s very easy to get discouraged with your slow progress.

Believe me when I tell you, that seeing any kind of significant gains in this game takes a REALLY long time.

Ignore those idiots who tell you that they saw thou$and$ in income, in a couple of months.

They’re lying to you.

It’s so farking easy to get talked into focusing on the wrong things, paying closer attention to the bullshit ‘accomplishments’ of some other bloggers.

It’s too easy to succumb to what I like to call “blogger’s fatigue”.

Blogger’s fatigue is what I call that anxious feeling that you’re never going to accomplish what those “other” bloggers have, even though you started blogging like…yesterday.

It’s that feeling where you want to read and re-read all of that shitty ‘information’ that pushed you to start a blog in the first damn place. I’m talking about all that “you can start a successful blog in 20 minutes” bullshit.

No good comes from reading that nonsense.

Don’t get suckered in.

The key to succeeding with a new blog, is focus.

Those people who say that they made hundreds of dollars in their first month blogging are full of shit. I own more than a few blogs, and do you know how much I make with a new blog? More often than not…nothing. Sometimes, a buck or two in the first few months.

I used to get anxious about why my blog(s) weren’t making hundreds of dollars right out of the gate. And then I realized that many of the people that I thought were writing to help others like me, were actually writing to help themselves…right into my wallet.

I’ve discovered that the key to succeeding with a new blog, isn’t paying attention to the “advice” of some of those ‘big bloggers’. It’s paying attention to your blog!

The key to succeeding with a new blog…is FOCUS.

Focus on your OWN DAMN GOALS!

It’s SO easy to feel like we’re not accomplishing any of what we set out to accomplish, when we’re so busy reading those fucking income reports, and wasting time in those damned webinars! (I HATE webinars.)

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Figure out what you want to accomplish with your blog. When I started this blog, it was because I wanted to help new bloggers grow their own blogs, and help them avoid what I call the “pitfalls of blogging”.

What ARE the Pitfalls of Blogging?

The Pitfalls of Blogging are what I call all of that bullshit “information” that’s written to separate you from your money. Period.

Those fucking affiliate posts (you know the ones), that at first glance might seem to be helpful, are nothing but ads disguised as articles.

They’re littered with links for products or services that only make money for the author.

However, you can spot the posts that’re designed purely to make money, by how many ‘links’ are inside them. Beware of those links.

On the flip, there are lots of bloggers who bypass putting their readers through ‘affiliate hell’, by writing good content, that doesn’t include a thousand useless links.

I’ve written the words “The Key to Succeeding with a New Blog is Focus” a few times in this piece. That’s not because I’m trying to boost the SEO of this post (although it probably helps). I wrote it that many times because it’s important.

It’s important that you set your blogging goals, and FOCUS on reaching them.

My goal with this blog is to grow it by helping you avoid buying useless expensive courses, paying for blogging tools that you really don’t fucking need to pay for, and helping your audience reach their own goals.

Focus on helping your reader, in whatever niche you’ve chosen, without ‘tricking’ them into lining your own pockets. That is essentially how your blog will grow.

Don’t stress about whatever milestones those ‘other’ bloggers are reaching. Most of it is bullshit.

Be trustworthy, and build an audience of readers, who trust that what you’re telling them is legit. Period.

If you focus on how best to serve your intended audience, your blog will succeed. It’s that simple.

Focus on that.


Debbie 🙂