The Best Way to Grow Your Email List

The Fastest Way to Grow Your Email List

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The Best Way to Grow Your Email ListOne of the things that many new bloggers neglect to do until well into their blogging journey, is to start growing their email list.

I’ve met so many bloggers who think it’s more important to start and grow a Facebook page for their blogs over starting to grow an email list.

But that’s totally not true.

Can’t you use Facebook instead of growing an email list?

A lot of bloggers think that creating a Facebook page for their blog is actually better than growing an email list.

But one of the worst things you can do for your blog, is to focus on building a Facebook page over building an email list. If you want to read more about that, I posted it HERE.

Growing a list of people who’re eager to read what you have to say isn’t all that difficult. At this point, this blog is just over a month old, and it has 120 subscribers (Yay!).

How to best grow your email list is a question to which the answer is right under nose.

I always say that the best way to learn something is to watch how those who’re successful do it. Granted, sometimes you can’t tell how well something is working for someone, but many times you can take a stab at making an ‘educated guess’.

In this case, I won’t make you guess. I’ll actually tell you what’s working to help me grow the email list for this blog.

Did you notice the obnoxious drop-down box that fell in your face when you got here? Believe it or not, I get 5 times more subscribers using that box than I do with the signup at the top of this page. I get 3.5 x the signups with that drop-down box than I do with the one that’s embedded in the posts on this blog.

Creating something of value can take some thought. It took a while to think of what I could give away, that the readers of this blog would be willing to give up their email address(es) for.

Web Hosting

How to create that obnoxious drop-down box?

When I started blogging, I used a free newsletter provider. But I found that after a short time, it was glitchy and unpredictable. In addition, the sign-up forms felt ‘chunky’, and I didn’t like them.

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In addition, that company would block my newsletters without any explanation, and there’s no ‘customer service’ for their free version.

That sucks.

The Newsletter Software that I Love

I decided to use this newsletter software because their sign up forms are super easy to design, and there are no issues with sending newsletters to my subscribers 🙂 Their plans are affordable, and their newsletters are also easy to design.

Next question;

How to get traffic to this blog, so that those people actually even SEE the obnoxious drop down box?

The short answer would be that I use Pinterest (doesn’t everyone?). And most bloggers will tell you that they use Pinterest to generate traffic to their blogs. But using Pinterest to generate traffic isn’t as ‘simple’ as “using Pinterest to generate traffic”.

Some bloggers would have you believe that all you have to do is create pins for your content, and pin them to Pinterest, but that wouldn’t even be half of the story.

Using Pinterest to Generate Traffic

Having a great drop-down box to collect email addresses isn’t gonna do you one damn bit of good if no one sees it.

Using Pinterest to get traffic to that box is simple. But it’s not that simple.

Pinterest is a numbers game. By that, I mean that the more pins you can load to Pinterest, the better the odds are that you’ll generate a decent amount of traffic to your blog.

That said, I don’t use paid tools to help generate traffic from Pinterest until my blogs are making enough money to pay for those tools.

For my blogs that are making money, I utilize this tool to ‘ramp up’ my pinning efforts.  It’s extremely effective for loading hundreds of pins to Pinterest in a very short time. In addition, it has a tool that’s ridiculously effective in getting others to re-pin your content. That tool is called “Tribes”, and I LOVE using tribes to help distribute my content.

You will too 🙂

Web Hosting

And if you CLICK RIGHT HERE, you’ll get 7 days to test it out for free!

So now that you know how to best grow your email list, I want you to make a list of topics that you can write about, that your readers would be willing to give up their email address for. Use this tool to create that obnoxious drop-down box for your audience to sign up to. It doesn’t have to be obnoxious, but it should be something that your readers will notice.

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Here’s to growing that list!


Debbie 🙂