How to Start a Money Making Food Blog

How to Start a Money Making Food Blog

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I love to eat. But I don’t enjoy cooking.

I wish I liked cooking as much as I like eating!

There are those whose lives revolve around the art of creating food that looks AND tastes good. These people are also the ones most likely to succeed with a food blog.

I own more than a few blogs, but Food is the one niche that I’ll never get involved with. Simply because I don’t want to handcuff myself to doing something that I don’t enjoy. Not even for the insane money that some food bloggers make.

Food is one of what I call the “Big 7” blog niches that generally make ridiculous money.

If you’re one of those people, the ones who love creating food for the sheer enjoyment of creating food, you’ve probably thought about how you should go about starting a money making food blog.

Honestly, it’s not much different than starting a blog in any other niche. The biggest difference would be the time and effort it takes to make and photograph food for your readers. That can take some skill.

When I’m looking for a new recipe, I head for one outlet; Pinterest. Gone are the days when we’d reach first for an actual paper cookbook to find new things to cook. Pinterest is the shit (good thing) when it comes to new recipes.

So when I get to Pinterest and I find a recipe that I’m interested in trying, I usually see a picture (or a pin with a picture on it) that looks enticing. When I click on that pin, where do you think it leads?

You got it; it leads to a food blog.

So at the end of the day, food blogs are where we go when we’re looking for something new to create in the kitchen.

How many people do you think search for new recipes every day?

According to research, 86 million people in the US visited food and cooking websites in 2014. That’s 41% of Americans! In addition, the average time spent on all food and cooking sites is 25 minutes!

Food blogs are BIG business!

When you’re starting a new food blog, the usual instructions for starting a blog still apply.

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You’ll still need to choose a name for your blog.

You’ll still need to purchase your domain name and hosting.

But a food blog requires that you get another set of ‘skills and techniques’ under your belt if you’re going to succeed.

Food blogs tend to include more video content than your ‘average’ blog. Not only that, but some of the camera angles that some of those bloggers use are very unique.

Take a look at any popular food blog, and you’ll see that their methods of content distribution aren’t usually ‘run of the mill’.

Growing a food blog can be a bit more complicated than growing most other types of blog.

Take a look around the www, at some of the more popular / bigger food blogs. Don’t go looking at those smaller, newer blogs. There’s nothing wrong with the newer blogs, but you’re not aspiring to be those guys.

Have a peek at what some of the bigger blogs are doing for their own content. Many of them have multiple contributors, but don’t stress about that yet. For now, you’re just doing research.

What kinds of recipes are they featuring? What content is most popular on their blogs?

There are tools to help you get to this information like Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo is a tool that helps you find what content performs best for any topic and any competitor.

Sign up to find this information, and Buzzsumo will give you a 7 day trial period to use the tool.

Once the trial is over, I think there’s a free version that lets you do something like 5 searches a day (don’t quote me on that though). Beyond that, I find the tool to be hella expensive, with their cheapest plan being something like $99 a month (and that’s US dollaz y’all).

Another thing you should absolutely consider doing, is taking a course to help you best create and monetize that food blog.

Food Blogger Pro is a great course for the new (and not so new) food blogger. It’s probably the one course that I’d recommend you take, to drastically reduce the learning curve of getting that food blog to the point where it’s making money.

Mastering your content, photography, video production, food blog themes, blah blah blah. These are all things that Food Blogger Pro helps you get your head around.

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The one drawback with Food Blogger Pro is that it’s not “open” year ’round. You can only register to start the course at certain times of the year. But before the course actually opens, you are able to put yourself on the waiting list. You’ll be notified by email when they open enrollment for the course.

If a food blog is what you know you want to start, my advice would be to lay the groundwork first.

Do your research by poking around on other food blogs. Make a list of the features that you’d like to have on your own blog.

Are you going have a niche for your blog? Are you going to ‘specialize’ in pizza recipes, or Keto Diet recipes, budget recipes, etc.?

Plan out what categories you’d like to include on your food blog.

If you’re really adventurous, maybe you want to get your name and hosting set up (or at least get your name), and start actually figuring out how WordPress works.

When it comes to setting up your new blog, food or otherwise, this post will help you hang on to your sanity in that process.