How to Stick To It When You Feel Like Throwing In the Blogging Towel

How to Stick To It When You Feel Like Throwing In the Blogging Towel

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How to Stick To It When You Feel Like Throwing In the Blogging Towel.

When I first start any blog, I’m super excited. But that excitement can sometimes quickly turn into frustration.

It never fails.

Even with this blog.

I KNOW you feel the same way, or you wouldn’t be here.

It’s SO easy to feel like you want to quit blogging at any point in this journey.

There have been more than a few times  where I felt like I just wanted to quit. When I first started, I thought that blogging might be my ‘big break’. Because I listened to the BS that told me that I could “start a successful blog in 20 minutes“, I thought it would be my way to stay home and make crazy dough…quickly!

But I was SO WRONG!

Getting a blog to the point where it’s actually making enough money to help with your finances, takes MONTHS if not YEARS.

Once you get that through your head, finding the patience to ultimately succeed with that blog is much (MUCH) easier.

One of the things that made me most impatient with blogging, was spending money on blogging tools before the blog was making money.

That drove me nuts.

To my mind, a blog should be able to pay for the tools that it uses. If you’re not making the $3o a month that it costs to have an email newsletter for that blog, get a free newsletter service. (And it’s not difficult to make $30 a month with a new blog.)

Notice I didn’t say “don’t have a newsletter”? 😉

I find that as long as I’m not too far ‘out of pocket’ for blogging tools, I can be patient for growth. But If I’m bleeding cash even for the first few months, I’m gonna throw in that towel in a hurry.

It’s that simple.

Those big bloggers will tell you to “focus on SEO”. And that’s all well and good. But the blogs that tend to land on Google’s first page, are much bigger and much older than ours.

As far as SEO goes, Google is a fickle bitch.

Pinterest can be great for traffic generation, but Pinterest is also a fickle, fickle bitch.

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And I’m not even gonna talk about Facebook.

Both can work like a sonofabitch for traffic generation this week, but next week, you might see nothing as far as traffic goes. Your blog traffic, and therefore your earnings are susceptible to the whims of the digital algorithms.

I don’t fucking like that.

One of the things that made the blogging process easier for me, was growing the email list. With every person who subscribes, I feel like what I’m doing is making some sense.

Does that make sense? 😉

To avoid Throwing In the Blogging Towel, having some reasonable ‘milestones’ like growing your subscribers to certain numbers, can give you a way to push yourself through the frustration. In that way, you’ll be seeing some movement, and won’t be so quick to give up.

When you first start your blog, the two most valuable things that I’d say will keep you from quitting, would be seeing traffic (even a few pageviews a day) and subscribers. It makes sense, as traffic most often equals subscribers if your newsletter ‘freebie’ is any good (more on that later).

Try to implement a newsletter sign up form of some kind on your blog right from the outset. Be sure to create a valuable giveaway, so that your subscribers feel like what you’re giving them is worth giving up their email address.

When you get those notifications that you’ve got another subscriber (or 10), you won’t feel so much like walking away, and your blog lives to see another day 😉

Another way not to throw in the blogging towel, is to take a step back when you feel like you want to quit. Take a break. Take a day…a week…shoot, take a month away from blogging. Don’t think about it AT ALL.

Six months after starting my biggest blog, I was so pissed with the process, that I quit. I walked away for about 7 months, and I did absolutely nothing with it. I didn’t post ANYTHING. I didn’t PIN anything.


I completely cleared my head of the ‘itch’ to blog. And to my surprise, after that 7 months, I couldn’t wait to get back to it. I came back with a brand new blogging energy, and I haven’t looked back.

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Take your time. Blogging isn’t a race. But if you feel like setting up and building that blog just isn’t something that you have the patience for, you can always enlist the help of an experienced blog builder to do it for you 🙂