How to Grow Blog Traffic with Pinterest Now

How to Grow Blog Traffic with Pinterest Now

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Once upon a time, all you had to do to get traffic from Pinterest was set up an account, start following users who were interesting, and start pinning.

Then came the “great algorithm shake up” of 2018, and everything we knew about Pinterest for traffic was turned upside down.

You’ve read the posts; you’ve read about how ‘easy’ it is to get traffic using Pinterest, to your blog or e-commerce website.

But that was “back in the day”.

Those bloggers who’re still chirping about how easy it is, are actually bragging about how easy it WAS.

It’s not so easy anymore.

Unless you’ve already figured out how to make that algorithm change work for you, you’re now struggling to increase your traffic using Pinterest.

The same old strategies that worked back in 2016, are now busted. They don’t work anymore.

You can pin ’til you’re blue in the face. Getting blog traffic with Pinterest now is a whole new ballgame.

The last time that the “old” Pinterest strategy worked for any of my blogs was back in August or September of 2018.

It all went to Hell after that.

We all watched in pure horror as our 2500+ pageviews a day fell into the toilet. My pageviews bottomed out at a paltry 160 pageviews a day from Pinterest, from almost 3000 a day!

It was disgusting.

And it was scary.

It was scary because with the fall of pageviews, comes a reduction in income. Some bloggers took major hits in reduced pageviews, and huge hits to their incomes as a result.

But that was the time to work out a new strategy for building traffic with the platform. Because it was (and is) still a viable source of legit traffic. We just had to figure out how to use this new Pinterest incarnation.

I figured out how to do just that, but it wasn’t easy. It was worse than figuring it out the first time, because now there’s no one actually telling you how to do it NOW. They’re all still telling you how to do it “pre-algorithm shift”, when it was still easy to do!

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Now, there are more steps. They’re not difficult, but they’re still new.

Now we also have to take into account, the fact that there are an exponential number of users on Pinterest than there were before. That means that there are that many more pins to compete with.

Now, more people are aware of how awesome Pinterest CAN BE for generating traffic to a web property. That just means more competition.

But I’m using that ‘competition’ to my own advantage, and I put it in a new Pinterest traffic strategy.

I call it the Blog Traffic Cheat Sheet.

In it, I outlined the strategy that’s now working for my own blogs, including two tips that no one else will tell you (these two tips alone are invaluable).

It’s only 7 bucks (because I’ve gotta charge something).

You’ll find super useful tips on re-thinking Pinterest’s algorithm change, as well as how to deal with what inevitably happens with ‘social’ websites; mass user competition.

PLUS: I used only FREE tools to generate traffic in this strategy!

Cool right??

Check out full deets on the Blog Traffic Cheat Sheet HERE 🙂


Debbie 🙂


How to Grow Blog Traffic with Pinterest Now