How to Get Traffic to Your New Blog

How to Get Traffic to Your New Blog

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I started building this blog in January of 2019, kind of on a whim (I do that a lot).

I purchased the domain (blog name/address) in December of 2018. It popped into my head one night while I was struggling to fall asleep, and when I did a quick search, I found that it was available.

So I bought it. 

And that, essentially is how Blogging for Stupid People was born 🙂

Getting Started

It took about a week or so of messing around with the blog’s theme, plugins, widgets, etc. to get it to the point where I’m satisfied with the way it looks. I’m alright with it for now.

I decided to go with a very simple theme. No crazy bells or whistles. No sliders or other things that make your eyes cross.

It’s been a little over a month since I started this blog. A quick peek at my Google Analytics shows me that January was a stupid month for traffic. It was ‘glitchy’ and all over the damn place!

I can’t begin to remember what might have happened on the 19th. I wish I could! This thing literally went from 0 to 188 page views on that day. Then it dropped like a rock, only to climb to about 170 on the 26th.

No rhyme or reason to this blogging thing.

It’s early in February right now (it’s the 5th), and so far, the traffic is looking up.

Even though it’s not a TON of traffic, it’s pretty cool that this brand new blog is getting more than a hundred page views a day. The long term goal is to get it to 100k page views a day, and I’ll keep you on top of exactly how I do that.

The one thing that I have when building this blog, that I didn’t have with any of my other blogs, is patience.

If you’re going to succeed with this blogging thing, you’re gonna need a crap TON of patience. Because blogging isn’t a ‘get rich overnight’ kinda gig. Anyone who tells you that they did it ‘overnight’ is lying to you.

Are you wondering what I did to get traffic to this blog up to this point?

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I use Pinterest.

I’ll tell you something honestly; Pinterest is a great way to get traffic to your new blog. But if you have a NEW Pinterest account, that account isn’t going to help you generate traffic. Not right away anyways.

Why is that?

A Pinterest account that’s even a few weeks or months old, has typically started to build a follower base, and has begun connecting with group boards, etc.

But when you create a new Pinterest account to help distribute content from your brand new blog, you and your account have no other accounts (big or small) to help distribute that content.

Those people who tell you that you can use Pinterest to generate a decent amount of blog traffic, aren’t being dishonest, but they’re not telling you the whole truth either.

In order to start generating traffic with Pinterest, you’ll need to start building your follower base, and joining group boards.

Pinterest Group Boards.

Group boards can be kind of tricky, and some can take forever to join.

But if you don’t have those things, don’t stress. There’s another awesome way for you to utilize the accounts and relationships of other Pinterest users to grow traffic to your new blog. That way is called Tailwind.

What IS Tailwind?

If you’ve been doing your blogging research, I’m sure you’ve seen many a blogger mention this tool.

Tailwind allows you to:

  • Schedule your pins at the best time for your account
  • Analyze how your pins are performing
  • Reach new audiences when you join Tailwind Tribes
  • “Loop” your pins on a schedule to keep them fresh

…and much more!

Although pin scheduling and analyzation are useful, the Tailwind features that I’ve found most useful for building traffic are the Tribes and Smart Loop features.

Tribes is a great way to have other users pin your content to their own personal and group boards. Your content can spread like wildfire this way.

In addition, Tribes are much easier to get into than Pinterest group boards.

As long as you join those tribes that don’t have an approval time, you’re golden. Many of the ones that require approval, can take a lifetime to give that approval. That’s time you could be spending growing your reach. Join as many Tribes as are relevant to your blog content. And once you’re in, pay special attention to the Tribe rules.

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Smart Loop

The Smart Loop feature is like Tribes on meth. Tribes is great. But Smart Loop keeps your pins in front of your audience by ‘refreshing’ them on a continuous basis.

It’s called “Smart” Loop for good reason!



Manual Pinning

Even though you use Tailwind to increase traffic to your blog by scheduling your pins, you should be manually pinning too.

Manual pinning helps Pinterest understand that you’re not just scheduling your pins and walking away.

Pinterest likes to know that you’re actually spending time on the platform, pinning and sharing the content of others. So pinning manually seems to increase the likelihood that your own pins will show up in more feeds.

In my travels around the ‘www’, I’ve stumbled across blogs whose owners have been writing for months, sometimes even years, and their blogs are still getting very little, if any traffic at all!

If this sounds like you, for the love of GOD, you HAVE to start utilizing Pinterest for traffic!


Debbie 🙂


Yup! On Pinterest 🙂

How to start getting traffic to your new blog