Spending your hard earned money trying to generate traffic to that new blog!

If you’re tired of being told that “you can easily generate traffic for your new blog”, by bloggers who won’t tell you HOW to do that, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m going to show you how you can grow your blog traffic, without spending hundreds of dollars a month.

My name is Debbie, and I own and run 8 blogs.

When I start each blog, I generate traffic using only free tools.


Because I don’t believe that you should have to spend a small fortune to get blog traffic when you’re starting out. In addition, NOT having traffic as a new blogger can make you wanna quit blogging.

How would I know?

Because I did just that.

I quit blogging for 6 months out of frustration with what’s now my biggest blog.

The Blog Traffic Cheat Sheet was created for the new blogger.

If you’re frustrated that you’ve created your new blog, and it’s seeing very little, if any traffic at all, this is for you.

As a general rule, when I start a new blog, I don’t like to use tools that’re going to cost money, simply because I feel like the blog needs to pay for its own tools.

The Blog Traffic Cheat Sheet is for you if;

    • You’ve started your brand new blog, and you’re frustrated with checking your analytics, and seeing nothing but “0” for traffic every day.

    • You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars generating traffic to your brand new blog.

  • You’re tired of spending your hard earned dough on those expensive courses, only to find that they don’t damn well work.

  •  You’re sick of feeling like you were ‘tricked’ into buying something for the sake of some blogger’s affiliate payment.

  • You’re not interested in buying another course with jargon that you need a PHD to understand.

  •  You can’t stand not one more piece of BS from those bloggers who tell you that you can do anything blogging related in 20 blasted minutes…

In the Blog Traffic Cheat Sheet, you’ll learn how to:

    • Create simple marketing tools necessary to share your blog content, for FREE

    • Step by Step instruction to allow you to give your blog the traffic boost that it needs to start creating an income

    • The 7 FREE tools you’ll need to start generating blog traffic

    • Get into Pinterest Group Boards without begging board owners to accept you

    • Schedule your Pinterest pins without using an expensive scheduling tool

    • The best tool for creating Pinterest pins (and it’s completely FREE)

  • Two tips that you won’t read or hear anywhere else!

….and much more.

And it’s all yours for just $7!

Here’s what some of my readers have said about the BTCS ‘no nonsense’ advice:

“I LOVE your ‘no nonsense’ writing style! It’s a blessing in all the “look how easy it is” bs you read everywhere else. I’ll be following you from now on!” – Holly

“Thank you for your awesome instruction! I’ve been struggling with traffic since the beginning, and I just can’t spend a ton of money on tools right now.” – Cam

“100% spot on! Thank you for your honesty!” – Barbara

“You have no idea how much I appreciate this. I was starting to think that the only way to get traffic to my blog was to spend money that I really don’t have. You’re awesome!” – Molly

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your honesty! You write like you’re actually trying to help, and I really appreciate it.” – Pam

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