How to (Almost) Guarantee Blogging Success

How to Guarantee Blogging Success

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In the last couple of years, I don’t think I’ve met one person who doesn’t want to start a blog of some kind.

Of those people who’ve admitted to wanting to start a blog, none have actually started it. They come up with all kinds of excuses. You’d be surprised at the variety.

For some, their full time job is just too consuming. For others, it’s “just too confusing”.

Blogging isn’t easy. But we think it’s supposed to be because that’s the information we’re being given, for the sake of some blogger’s affiliate payment.

Do as they do. Not as they say.

When I started blogging seriously, I paid attention to what “those bloggers” were telling me about blogging. More than that, I paid attention to what some bloggers were saying, in relation to what they were doing.

Does that make sense?

For instance, if I told you that I use Pinterest to get traffic for this blog, you’d probably believe me, because Pinterest is very likely how you found this post.

Am I making sense now?

Some of us have bloggers whose work we enjoy reading. I do. I’m sure you do too.

But I pay close attention to what those bloggers are doing, before I implement / try out any of his/her advice for my own blog(s).

For example, if you’re reading that you shouldn’t include ads in your posts, yet you see numerous ads in the post you’re reading, that’s a problem.

Don’t overlook the obvious.

If you were shopping around for a personal trainer, would you choose the guy that you know spends 23 hours a day on the couch?

I hope not.

So why would you choose to heed the advice of any of those ‘fake it til you make it’ bloggers?

Pay attention!

The only reason that we think blogging is so damned hard is because we’re being told that it’s easy!

It’s not f*cking easy! But it’s not all that difficult, when you pay attention.

We’re being told “do this” while they’re doing “that”.

If you want to grow your email list for your blog, and I tell you that using some type of ‘lead capture’ works, would you believe me?

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Well…you could answer that question for yourself.

Do you remember that obnoxious box that dropped in your face, a few seconds after you entered this blog?

Did you sign up for the email list to get the publication?

A lot of people do.

That’s primarily how my email list is growing. If it wasn’t working, it wouldn’t still be there.

I WANT you to succeed with this blogging thing.

I WANT you to pay attention to what I do with this blog (and others), in order to figure out what to do with your own blog.

You NEED to f*cking pay attention! Not just to this blog, but to any blogger that you can see is doing well.

It’s not difficult to figure out.

Three things that guarantee your blogging success; Pay attention to what more experienced bloggers do, mimick those actions for your own blog, and be patient while waiting for results.

These things pretty much guarantee your own success.


Debbie 🙂


How to Almost Guarantee Blogging Success