7 Blog Niches that Make Damn Good Money

7 Blog Niches that Make Damn Good Money

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In the world of blogging, there are those who will tell you that in order to build a blog that’s successful, you should write about your passion.

There are others who will tell you that writing about your passion could very well find you broke and discouraged. I’d be the latter.

There are blogs that make sick money from the creator’s passion, and there are those that are created specifically to make money.

This blog sort of straddles the line between the two; it was created to make money, and I’m passionate about helping others make money with their blogs, via my writing.

In figuring out what I wanted to blog about, I looked back at the posts that I most enjoyed writing. Because I own a few blogs, this was super easy to do.

I love writing about blogging and making passive money. Who doesn’t want to work from wherever they damn well please, and make sick money doing it??


The dream for me, is to be able to work from a beach front villa, with a bottomless drink by my side at all times. And I’m going to get there. You’re going to help me, because I’m going to help you do the same.

That said, there are some blog niches that will let you start monetizing more quickly than others. I know that some other bloggers will tell you to write about your passion, and to some degree that makes perfect sense.

But if at some point, that ‘passion project’ blog feels like an exercise in futility from a money making standpoint, it’s time to give it up.

You can’t pay your rent with “passion”.

I’m telling you to write about whatever will let you give your boss the big “FU” at your current job. If that’s your goal, unless your passion lies in one of what I call the “Big 7”, you’ll need to reconsider some things.

Anywho…these are the Big 7 blog niches that make damn good money:

As I mentioned before, I happen to enjoy writing about something that most of us dream of doing; making enough money to leave work with the middle finger up.

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I own 7 or 8 blogs, and most of those blogs fall into one of the above niches. The only one I don’t indulge in is Food, and that’s primarily because I don’t like to cook. Those who do, can make some serious cash with a food blog. And there are some awesome courses that will teach you how to build a kick-ass food blog!

Anywho…I digress.

You’ll notice that the names of the niches above are linked. They’re linked to my blogs in those particular niches. Some are older, others I’ve started in the last few months. And there are probably a couple of others that aren’t in that list.

Now, I’ll tell you that although I have a blog in the personal finance niche, I don’t post to it as often as I might like. That’s because I’m finding that I don’t really enjoy writing about money matters. I’m trying to figure out how to change that, but that’s how it stands right now.

The other blogs, health & wellness, parenting and lifestyle niches, I rather enjoy. But I most like writing about blogging, and making money that way. So I have more than one blog in that niche. I think I have three. But whatevs. It’s my thing.

There are more than a few ways that you can make damn good money with a blog, which I suppose is why I like writing about it so much. In addition, making money with a blog tends to be largely passive, and making passive income is at the top of many of our “make damn good money” lists.

I started this blog (the one that you’re reading) in January of 2019, and I started it on a whim. I do that a lot, which makes for a lot of abandoned projects.

But I digress.

The two best ways to make damn good money with your new blog, are with affiliate partnerships, and digital products.

What about ads?

Sure! Ads are a decent way to make a few pennies with your new blog. As long as you understand that that’s about all you’ll be making at first; pennies.

Once your traffic grows, you’ll be able to make much more by including ads in your content.

Regardless of which niche you choose, it’s going to take you at least 6 to 8 months to start seeing any significant uptick in your income. And by ‘significant’ I mean you’ll go from pennies to dollars. After about a year, you’ll start seeing another uptick in your income.

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Now…I’m talking about making that money without investing in ads of any kind. No Facebook ads, no Instagram ads…nada. The ads come into play when you want to seriously ramp up that monthly money.

Those bloggers who tell you that they made “$3000 a month after only a couple of months of blogging” are doing one of two things; they’re either keeping a secret, or they’re straight up lying to you. If you believe that they’re telling you the whole truth about that “$3000 a month” thing, you should keep the job you hate, because you ain’t gonna make it as a blogger.

I know that that last sentence is true from first hand experience.

Decide on which niche you want to get into, and choose your blog name. Once you’ve decided on a name, go and buy it! At least once you’ve got your name, it feels like you’ve actually started, no matter how small the action.

Regardless of which of the 7 blog niches you choose, you’re STILL going to have to work like a dog to find success. No two ways around it. But all that work will be well worth it in the not-so-long run.


Debbie 🙂


7 Blog Niches that Make Damn Good Money