12 Steps I Take to Start Every New Blog

My name is Debbie, and I’m a ‘Blogaholic’.

What’s a ‘Blogaholic’, you ask? 

A Blogaholic (my term) is someone who’s addicted to starting and running blogs (like me). This is one of 6 or 7 blogs that I currently own and run. 

Why so many blogs?

I just like starting something new, and seeing if I can build it to the point where it generates a decent income. But I get bored quickly, so once I’ve mastered one, I tend to want to move on to another one. 

As for this blog (Blogging for Stupid People), the name comes from the fact that starting a blog can make even the smartest of us, feel like complete idiots. 

Me included. 

Who was Blogging for Stupid People created for?

If you’re of average, or above average smarts in the ‘real world’, but you sit down at a laptop with the purpose of starting your new blog, and you feel like a complete idiot, this blog’s for you.

By default, blogging IS hella confusing. When working with a platform like WordPress, the difference between a ‘widget’ and a ‘plugin’ aren’t immediately clear. It took me years to actually figure it out.

Blogging for Stupid People is for the beginner blogger. If you’re afraid that you might ‘throw in the towel’ in your blogging endeavors, because you find it confusing, this blog’s for you. 

I’m not ‘stupid’. But when it comes to blogging, I’m totally stupid. I own 7 or 8 blogs, and blogging can still sometimes make me feel like a total dumbass.

You’re not ‘Stupid’ either. 

When I started blogging, I did all kinds of research on every step of the process. I still do. What I learned is that there’s a TON of pure CRAP ‘information’ out there! There’s information out there that’s written purely for the sake of making affiliate money. It’s no WONDER so many people throw up their hands and quit out of frustration!

Blogging for Stupid People will help you set up, build and monetize your new blog, without all the fluff and bullshit that you’re used to reading elsewhere.

Truthfully, what I want to do with this blog, is create a post for every step that I take in building, and monetizing it, so that you can follow along, and do the same for your blog. In the name of full transparency, wherever possible, you’ll see that I’ve labelled things, to let you know why they’re on the blog (like the ads and widgets in the sidebar).

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