9 Stupid Mistakes Most New Bloggers Make

9 Stupid Mistakes Most New Bloggers Make

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Blogging Sucks.

Wait…let me rephrase.

Blogging sucks until you’ve figured out how you should be doing it if you want to make money.

But while you’re figuring it out, you’ll obsess about what all the ‘blogging is great’ fuss is all about.

When I started blogging, I literally felt like I might as well have been learning to fly a plane. I didn’t know ANYTHING. But if I’m going to be completely honest, I wasn’t thinking about making money with my first blog.

I wrote for the simple sake of the fact that I enjoy writing. I especially enjoy writing when it just flows.

You know what I mean?

When I’m writing something that I actually like and know a lot about, it comes easy. But when writing about a particular topic makes typing each word feel like a tooth extraction, it’s not as much fun anymore.

I happen to like writing about blogging (duh). But because I have so many blogs (six or seven…I’ve lost count), I can honestly tell you that I’ve made some dumb ass mistakes on the way to blog #7.

Here are 9 Stupid Mistakes Most New Bloggers Make (including me):

1. They “diddle” about which blog host to use.

Just because ‘Whatshernose blogger’ tells you that “this host” is the one he / she uses, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the one you should (or shouldn’t) use.

I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to those “you should use this” posts, so I might not be the ideal person to listen to either, but if a company expects me to pay for three years of hosting in advance, so that I can get a “great price”, I’m going to look elsewhere for something that doesn’t make me feel like that affiliate payment is coming out of my pocket.

Do your research. Honestly speaking, hosting companies are all pretty much the same. The most noticeable difference is in price. Check around for reviews about their customer service as well. I’ve heard stories that I’m really glad aren’t mine.

I use the host that I use because I liked their pricing. I started using them back in 2009 when I knew nothing about blogging for money, but as it turns out, they’re amazing.

Lucky for me 🙂

2. New bloggers tend to get ‘suckered’ into over-paying for blogging tools.

From hosting, to newsletter software, we get caught up in what other bloggers say they use, but we have no idea whether or not they use ‘said product’ because it’s actually good, or if they use it because the affiliate program is decent, so they can refer it too.

Just because ‘Whatshernose Blogger’ says that “this tool” is great, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the tool for you. For instance, newsletter software is an absolute must, regardless of what you blog about. Some are free to use, some have free trials, and others cost money right from the jump.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not the $35 a month software that ‘Whatshernose Blogger’ uses, is in your budget, or if the free tool is worth some of the ‘kinks’ that come with using it. Many times, using a free tool as a new blogger is perfectly fine. Just upgrade to something ‘better’ as you grow.

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3. They get talked into believing that making money with a blog is easy.

Shamefully, I fell for this one in the beginning. But in my defense, how could I not?

I actually walked away from one of my blogs out of frustration, 6 months after starting it. It was a bitch getting decent traffic levels, a nightmare growing the email list, and monetizing it??? UGH!

But again, you read about how ‘simple’ it is to make money blogging SO MANY FREAKING TIMES, that you can’t help BUT believe it!

Why would ‘Whatshernose Blogger’ just straight up lie to me???

I know why. Two words; Affiliate Payment.

If you think that you could be making thousands of dollars a month within a few months of building your blog, it’s because some blogger convinced you that they did it  inside of 3 months (or something ridiculous like that).

Let me tell you something; if that blogger actually did start making thousands of dollars in just a few months, it’s because they’re doing something for that blog that they’re not telling you! 

Don’t. Believe. The. Hype.

This blogging thing SUCKS, but only at first.

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad tidings, but the old saying absolutely applies in blogging; If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it probably is”.

4. A Lot of New Bloggers throw in the towel after a few weeks or months, because they thought making ‘lottery winner’ type money with a blog would be easier.

Again. We get shafted into believing the BS that is “You can start a successful blog in 20 minutes”. We define “success” as having a blog that makes $xx,xxx per month inside of a few months, and that’s just plain old trash.

Nothing worth having is easy to get. And that includes a blog that makes enough for you to actually live on.

5. They overthink the small stuff.

Ok…your domain name is important. That’s true enough. But I’ve seen some blogs with THE shittiest, most idiotic domain names in the Universe find success. Maybe it’s because of the shitty name, but who knows?

The point is, if your content is good, nobody gives a rat’s nuts WHAT you name the blog.

6. They waste a ton of time on the wrong marketing channels.

I KNOW you did this. I did (*hanging my head in shame).

I spent who the hell knows HOW much time on stupid platforms like Facebook, hoping to get some kind of “organic” traction to my posts.

What a joke.

Joining umpteen thousand and ten blasted blogging Facebook groups that do nothing but eat up daylight, and bring traffic that has absolutely no blasted value in the short run, is always a mistake.

Ugh. I cringe thinking about it.

I suppose that Facebook groups have a purpose to serve. But those groups that’re targeted at growing blog traffic (traffic exchanges, blogger ‘support’, etc.) didn’t do anything for my blogs but keep me away from them.

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You spend so much time posting to those groups, and because they’re largely reciprocal, you could burn a whole day commenting on the posts of others! That’s time you could be spending working/posting on your own blog!

Facebook groups = Not worth it.

7. They spam other bloggers for links or guest posts.

I see every email that comes to my blogs. Every one. Nothing gets by me.

So if you message me (or any blogger) about collaborating in some fashion and I’m interested in doing it, you’ll definitely hear from me. If you don’t hear from me, assume that I’m not interested, and for some time-related reason, I just haven’t got around to replying. You don’t need to send me a dozen “friendly reminders” to get your response.

Blogging is a busy business. We’re all trying to make shit happen. And yes, collaborating with other bloggers can be advantageous, but we’re all human. If you email that blogger, and he / she doesn’t respond in a matter of days to a week, go hit up someone else! No one needs an exploding inbox full of ‘friendly reminders’.

8. They stress about getting more and more traffic.

To some degree, I think this is a legit concern. But the key to eliminating what I call “traffic stress” is to figure out the easiest way to GET traffic. Then you’re golden!

Some bloggers will tell you that you don’t need traffic to actually make money blogging.

That’s horseshit.

Those same bloggers are the ones who create programs on how to get more traffic, so again, don’t gulp the Kool Aid.

Blogs thrive on traffic. Plain and simple. But getting the RIGHT traffic is what you need to learn to do. Again, do your research. If you have a favorite blogger who’s successful, find and follow them on social media. Pay attention to their newsletters, but more than that, watch what they DO for their own blogs, and do those things with yours. It’s not nearly as difficult as you think. You just have to pay closer attention 🙂

9. They add every man, woman and dog to their newsletter.

This one’s a straight-up “NO NO”.

I once commented on a blog post of another blogger, only to find myself subscribed to her daily newsletter. To say that I was pissed, is a serious understatement. Primarily because this blogger liked to send 3 or 4 emails a day. (She’s still on my shit list.)

I know you want subscribers, but you have a subscribe form on your blog for a reason. It’s there so that people who want to hear from you can add themselves to that list. Don’t subscribe people who haven’t subscribed. In addition, sending email to people who haven’t signed up to your list is called spam. The food version tastes bad. The digital version…bad taste. No one likes either of them.

Peace 🙂


*Can you think of a mistake that you’ve made? Why not share it in the comments?



9 Stupid Mistakes that Most New Bloggers Make